Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Films: S T R E T C H

S T R E T C H by Arturo Cubacub
Chicago (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 4 minutes
Screening Time: Saturday, Nov 10th. 3pm
Tickets $10.00

'I stretched my mind so open that I felt a crack.' This short subject piece is a sensual representation of an internal transformation process catalyzed by the shedding of one's former identity. Featuring the electronic ballad, 'S T R E T C H' by Sarah Weis.

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Director Statement
Arturo: Sarah had immersed herself so fully into her character in our first collaboration, B-17: A Mini-Epic (way past method acting, into 'Method Living'), that when it was over, she ended up deep in this interstitial space between her character, who she was before the project, and who she was becoming.

I remember her getting a lot of grief from her friends and acquaintances, who could not relate to what she was doing and going through, understandably so, since from the outside, our project and working method looked totally bizarre if not somewhat dangerous.

When she sang me the beginnings of S T R E T C H, it so lucidly captured her reality, re-entry issues perhaps, but mostly, this extraordinary sojourn, a profound morphing/transformation process I was seeing her go through. I knew we had to do this music vid to document the metaphysics.

Before Sarah finished recording the song and before we shot the white footage, I started developing the look and visual feel for the video as I was editing our second project, 'Greater Than Less Than: Level 2'. I was playing around with the idea of how to visually represent the internal deconstruction she had gone through and the “blank white slate” that was now her new persona which she was beginning to articulate. I felt I had witnessed her process one of those scary and beautiful transitions in one’s life where everything and every possibility were totally wide open.

I think those visuals might have given her the reference for which we could go on and finish the video. She decided to do the shoot in the nude to complete the look and finished the song. We do inspire and many times compel each other to take the next step.

To me, this project is an illustration of the aftereffects of the “Method Living” practice that Sarah adopted when we made B-17. The process of doing S T R E T C H acutely revealed to me the risks, dangers and rewards that a talented and courageous performer like Sarah, who chooses to totally immerse herself in the experience and the character she plays, undergoes.

 Interview with filmmakers

Miami Short Film Festival
Miami, U S A
November 2011 (Film Festival)

New Jersey Film Festival
New Jersey , U S A
November 2011 (Film Festival)

Chicao International REEL SHORTS Festival
Chicago, U S A
September 2011 (Film Festival)

Independents' Film Festival
Tampa, Florida, U S A
September 2011 (Film Festival)

Salento International Film Festival
Nominated for Best Short
Salento, Italy
September 2011 (Film Festival)

Facebook, Sweden
June 2011 (Internet/Broadband)

Artsfest Film Festival
Harrisburg, U S A
May 2011 (Film Festival)

Amsterdam Film Festival
2011 Amsterdam Film Festival - World Cinema - Van Gogh Award
Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 2011 (Film Festival)

Talking Pictures Festival
Honorable Mention
Chicago, U S A
April 2011 (Film Festival)

Queens World Film Festival
New York, U S A
March 2011 (Film Festival)

See the Voice: Visible Verse 10th Anniversary Festival
Vancouver, Canada
November 2010 (Film Festival)

Red Rock Film Festival
Zion Canyon, Utah, U S A
November 2010 (Film Festival)

Louisville International Film Festival
Winner, Best Music Video 2010
Louisville, U S A
October 2010 (Film Festival)

Atlanta Shortsfest
Atlanta, U S A
August 2010 (Film Festival)

New York, U S A
June 2010 (Film Festival)

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival
Philadelphia, U S A
June 2010 (Film Festival)

Seen and Heard Music Video Festival
Chicago, U S A
June 2010 (Film Festival)

Cannes Independent Film Festival
Cannes, France
May 2010 (Film Festival)

Very Short Movies Festival
VSM Excellence Award 2010 Music Video
May 2010 (Film Festival)

London Independent Film Festival
London, United Kingdom
April 2010 (Film Festival)

Western Europe PREMIERE

Boston Underground Film Festival
Boston, U S A
March 2010 (Film Festival)

Canada International Film Festival
2010 Rising Star Award
Vancouver, Canada
March 2010 (Film Festival)

Chicago International Movies & Music Festival
Chicago, U S A
March 2010 (Film Festival)
North America PREMIERE

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