Monday, September 3, 2012

2012 Films: Naagahaan, Zinat (Suddenly Zinat)

Naagahaan, Zinat (Suddenly Zinat) by Navid Nikkhah Azad 
Iran (Milwaukee Premiere)
Running Time: 20 minutes
Screening Time: Friday Nov 9th. 5:15pm
Tickets $10.00

Simin, a 35 years old teacher, has been renting her child, Nafas, from a drug addicted woman, Nasibeh, for 4 years now. As Nasibeh's husband is being released from life sentence, Nasibeh wants her child back. Now Simin confronts a reality that will change her life forever.

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Indianapolis International Film Festival(USA) (19-29 July)
Deep Fried Film Festival (UK)(11-18 August)
Thai Short Film and Video Festival (Thailand) (16-26 August)
Phenom Film Festival(USA) (6-9 September)
DC Shorts Film Festival(USA) (6-16 September)
Rome International Film Festival(USA) (7-8 September)
Maverick Movie Awards (USA) (14-15 September)
Great Lakes International Film Festival (USA) (September)
Massachusetts Independent Film Festival (USA) (25-28 September)
Crested Butte Film Festival(USA) (27-30 September)
NewFilmmakers NY (USA) (26 September)
The Other Venice Film Festival(USA) (12-14 October)
The Prestige Film Award(USA)(13 October 2012)
Arlington International Film Festival (USA) (October)
Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (October 19-November 11)
Take Two Film Festival (USA) (2-4 November)

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