Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Films: Soul Chamber

Soul Chamber by Mark G.E.
Milwaukee (World Premiere)
Running time 11 minutes
Screening time:Friday Nov 9th. 7pm
Tickets $10.00

A surrealist tale of a father who becomes corrupted as he betrays his daughter. Removing her soul, he places it in a chamber and displays it and her doll-like body for profit throughout the countryside. For the daughter it is a journey of becoming herself and rising above betrayal through forgiveness.

Primarily in the silent genre, the film pays homage to earlier seminal film work. The story is told with images by surrealist artist J. Karl Bogartte whose work is in the Milwaukee Art Museum collection, as well as known world wide. The music was composed by Sigmund Snopek III and played on an original pipe organ. Many of the people involved with the film are well-known from the art and music scene. The father is played by Francis Ford, well known photographer and artist. The puppets were created by New York artist Tine Kindermann, who recently sang a duet with Iggy Pop and plays the musical saw in Villa Delirium. The film is narrated by Victor DeLorenzo of the folk-punk band, the Violent Femmes. The landlord is played by Keith Brammer from Die Kreuzen. The Woman of Ill Repute is Stonie Rivera from Psychobunnies.

Directed by Mark G.E., who may be best known for his documentary on the making of Wisconsin Death Trip by Academy Award winner James Marsh.


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