Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Films: Johnny & Die Leichtigkeit

Johnny & Die Leichtigkeit (Johnny & The Lightness) by Steffen Boseckert
Germany (World Premiere)
Running time: 18 mins
Screening time: Saturday, Nov 10th. 6:45pm
Tickets $10.00

Do you remember the guy who dressed in black for the poor and beaten-down? This story is about one of these guys he wrote about.

Johnny used to be one cool kid but for a while his deep thoughts discourage him from approaching the unknown lady he fell in love with. He gets angry about his desperate situation and grabs a pen to distract himself.

His story introduces Cat, a young and attractive woman with a straight character. Soon they find each other at Johnny's' place and matters run their course. When Johnny goes overboard all of sudden, she understands her role as a fictional compromise and takes over the story. Cat teaches Johnny a lesson for life to make him face his real desires.

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